'The Game' is released!

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It has been a while since I've put myself out there in this kind of way...  

I love what I do.  I love making music with amazing musicians who are also quality human beings.  I love having the whiff of an idea and helping it grow and develop into a song or arrangement.  Or 'catching' a song... that incredible sensation of when it drops into the creative consciousness almost fully formed.  It's thrilling, humbling, revealing and - when you put it out there in whatever form for others to share - it's rather nerve wracking!  

So I was delighted, and incredibly relieved, that when the first review came in for 'The Game' it was so positive! I know I know, it really doesn't matter, 'art for arts sake', 'you can't be everyone's cup of tea',  'each to their own' and all that.  But lets be honest, it's nice when other people dig what you've created too!   

Anyway, here's what John Hardaker (wordsaboutmusic & jazzaustralia) had to say.  REVIEW

But to check it out and come to your own conclusions you can get a hard copy here  
or a digital one here

With love,

Trish Delaney-Brown