Trish Delaney-Brown is a master poet… first your heart, then your intellect and finally your soul is caressed by her beautiful thoughts.
— Thomas King RARB USA

Award winning singer-songwriter Trish Delaney-Brown is that rare blend of craft and art.  A vocal technician who's precision and control remain servant to the master of the song.  Whether delivering her own compositions or unique renderings of jazz standards, Trish finds the song's heart and communicates its message with clarity, purity, purpose, and joy.



A 'musicians singer', Trish has tackled everything from music theatre, opera and cabaret to jazz ensembles, big bands and a cappella - but jazz is her home.  There, in her own arrangements and compositions, her unique and uplifting presence and voice find their highest expression.  

Trish's decades of performance experience and commitment to ongoing study and authentic connection transfer into her teaching, making Trish a highly respected and sought after Voice Coach and Estill Certified Master Teacher.