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'The Game'

TDBQ is Trish's latest project - a gathering of some of Australia's finest jazz musicians breathing life into Trish's original compositions and arrangements. Their recent project (originally a live recording for broadcast) has now been released as an EP by ABC Jazz Digital.  



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Interested in performing some of Trish's arrangements or compositions?


The Idea of North

TION CDs featuring Trish available here.  'Evidence'; 'Here and Now'; 'The Gospel Project'; 'Live @ The Powerhouse' CD & DVD.


     Sonic Mayhem Orchestra

 "In Delaney-Brown he has the perfect voice for the Mayhem band. Not the little-girl voice, too pretty for the bruised indigos of the horns, but a grown, worldly woman-voice, one of happy and sad and all the gospel colours in between".  John Hardaker -
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   Jazz Calls - Best of Australian Jazz 2017

 To celebrate AusMusic Month, ABC Jazz presents a collection of the finest jazz performances of the past 18 months, as recorded by the ABC in live performances and in the studio.

The recordings span the length and breadth of the country, and showcase a who’s who of the Australian jazz scene at the moment, from established names like vocalist Trish Delaney-Brown, bassist Sam Anning and pianist Mark Fitzgibbon, to rising stars Joe O’Connor, Matthew Nicholls and Olivia Chindamo.